A well-designed system rewards you with simplicity and convenience of use at a minimum of effort put into the work. We have made every effort to ensure that the permission defining module had all these elements for every user.
It is you who defines users who have access to files in the system and their level of involvement. You can specify the following:

  • a user who is an owner of a project with a possibility of his editing,
  • a customer who can read the data,
  • and a collaborator who has an access to TEAM SPACE or CLIENT SPACE.

With these features you save time spent on sending messages to different recipients, eliminate the risk of losing significant attachments, and confusion arising from working simultaneously with several people on different versions of one file.
You no longer need to send multiple inquiries to subcontractors, getting lost in a tangle of messages and versions. can serve as a central single database for your projects with many opportunities to manage your cooperation with different stakeholders.