How do you ensure that our data shared with you are safe?

  1. To protect the data that you send to us we use HTTPS. This way, your data is encrypted – it means that only authorized person can read it.
  2. Encrypted data is signed with SSL certificate which ensures secure transmission. Similar technique is used by banks to secure online transactions (e.g. transfers).
  3. Remember, before you enter your data, make sure that in the browser address bar you see a closed padlock, and the web address begins with https://. Then you have confidence that you are using safe connection to
  4. We use services of reputable suppliers of computing power and our service is protected by firewall, server protection devices, encryption devices, physical security measures, and other. We have also signed an agreement for processing of personal data.
  5. Your password is encrypted. Even we do not know your password, when you forget it we can only create a new one for you, never recover an old one.
  6. All of our data have backups created several times a day on remote servers. As a result, even a physical failure of the machine processing the data poses no danger of data loss.
  7. The application is written in a modern programming environment which by design is protected against the most common types of attacks such as SQL Injection, CSRF, XSS, etc.