August 2016

2016/09/14 Media en

Hot summer is almost over … We were working hard. There are some new…


October 2015

2015/10/02 Media en

Our customers are mainly interior designers and architects. No way we could miss Lodz Design…


September 2015

2015/09/02 Media en

We are releasing the next version of The English version and the version for…


June 2015

2015/06/02 Media en

This year we do not think about holidays. We want to accelerate actions in our…


April 2015

2015/04/02 Media en

We released a new version of the application with many changes reflecting requests of our…


March 2015

2015/03/02 Media en

This is the second time we present to an audience of over one hundred,…


February 2015

2015/02/02 Media en

We go out into the world. The first conference, and the first public presentation of…


December 2014

2014/12/02 Media en

We have started. The application was tested by a group of designing companies, which first…