cudo.co was created guided by a real need to better manage ongoing projects and a desire to save the time spent on frequent contact with clients. Our Founder wanted to recover the time dedicated for family life. To achieve this, she needed to improve communication, get rid of downtime and provide clients with continuous access to all relevant information in a project.

cudo.co allows displaying and storage of different versions of projects along with the possibility to comment them. For investors cooperating with architects it is a useful toolduring the multi-week process of searching for inspiration and arranging space. Users searching for designer’s expertise will appreciate the convenient and fast communication with a specialist at any time and place.

A convenient and easy way to use the application meant that it became an everyday work tool for many designers and their clients.

For whom?

cudo.co has been created mainly for interior designers. However, the similar nature of work and clients’ expectations means that it can be a great work support tool for marketing agencies, graphic design studios, publishing houses – where customer relationships are a key element of success.

The application saves a lot of time spent on sending e-mails with descriptions and attachments, numerous phone calls, meetings, plus it significantly increases satisfaction with effective cooperation. Quick and easy access to perform a review of activities that are carried out on individual projects, provides control for current orders. Additionally – peace and safety in contacts with clients.

cudo.co makes it possible to run multiple projects at the same time without compromising on the cooperation quality with the customer.

The cudo.co Mission

cudo.co provides designers with a tool for an effective communication during creative projects. Through continuous feedback from users and improvements in our technology (e.g. further development of application functionality) we want to support the designers in managing their companies and allow them to focus on the creative work. We have the ambition to become a leading business partner for designers and to help them in achieving their success.

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